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Kenny Chesney called in this afternoon on Country 102.5. He talked about missing playing live – especially at Gillette in front of his New England fans, his current hit “Happy Does” resonating in the current state of the world, and gave me his Super Bowl 55 pick for this Sunday.

On missing his New England fans and the big shows at Gillette Stadium:

“I can tell you that I miss New England. I miss you, I miss all the fans up there so much. It’s been it’s been an interesting year, you know, to not be able to go on the road like we were supposed to do was really strange. And to know that we had two nights at Foxboro, at Gillette Stadium, and our audience was going to show up there and listen to us play songs again. And to not be able to do that was just excruciating for me and the band.”

On his current hit “Happy Does” (which is knocking on #1’s door):

“I’ve been very blessed to get my hands on some songs like this and that connect with people that people care about and they want to come see it live. And “Happy Does” is one of those songs, that hit me in ways that I really needed when I heard it. You know, I got a very busy brain, so sometimes it’s hard for me to live and be present in the moment. And I think that’s what the narrative and what the message of this song is all about, because we can get so lost in our phones and multitasking and multi-communicating that we forget to be connected with people and be connected with the universe. And I think that’s what I needed from this song. And that’s why I decided that, you know, I think I want to give this to the world and see if they need it, too.”

On his pick for this Sunday’s Super Bowl 55 match-up between Brady & the Buccaneers and Mahomes & the Chiefs:

“I think the only way Mahomes and the Chiefs get beat is if they beat themselves. 100%. Andy Reid is a great coach. I just think they score too quickly and too often. I’m taking the Chiefs.”

And in closing, he left with this message for New England:

“Well, I can’t wait to see everybody whenever we get to play music again. I miss seeing your faces, New England. I miss feeling your energy. And thanks as always for loving the music and caring about it. And I can’t wait to play it for you soon.”


Check out their whole on-air convo below:

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