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Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd chatted with CBS This Morning about their first duet “Chasing After You” and the steamy video that goes with the new song.

Ryan said, “We’ve written a lot of songs together and for each other. But this is kind of the first time we’ve stepped out in this way.”

Maren adds, “It really reminded me of Ryan and my story, getting together, when we first met.” The couple first met as songwriters back in 2013. During their very first session, they wrote “Last Turn Home.” Morris recalled, “It’s like, ‘Hey, Tim McGraw recorded this song, we should probably keep writing together.”

Ryan recalled, “Maren is really good. That was it. I mean, I was always just in awe with the way she could sing and the way that she could write, like, just different songs than anybody else. So that, I mean, that’s intimidating and special at the same time.”

Ryan Hurd, Maren Morris - Chasing After You (Official Video)

Listen to "Chasing After You" (with Maren Morris), out now: Chorus:But I know, yeah I know it's a matter of timeTill you walk, till y...

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