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Note: some NSFW language 

Miranda Lambert and her husband have been doing some traveling and camping in her beloved Airstream she calls “The Sheriff” and got in a minor crash while in Atlanta on the way back home to Nashville.”The Sheriff” endured slight damanges.

Miranda said in part in a long post to Instagram, “Unfortunately on the way home going through Atlanta, an a– h— in a small car with temp plates was driving erratically and tried to squeeze between us and an semi truck going 70 on I-20 W. It hit the airstream on the passenger side and sent us into the left lane.”

Lambert continued, “We fishtailed pretty good but got on the shoulder as quickly as possible to assess the damage. Nobody was hurt thank the good Lord. But nobody stopped either and the car sped away. (Cool Bro) We are so thankful that nothing worse happened. Our vehicle and trailer were driveable so we made a report and hauled home. I called mama right away to say that I know her prayers are always heard cause I know she prays for us every morning about 4:30 am. Especially when we are on the road.”

She did applaud her hubby for keeping “The Sheriff” steady, writing, “And @brendanjmcloughlin kept our trailer pretty steady for being side swiped. Thanks to @airstream_inc and @southland_rv, we are gonna be repaired and back to our vagabond ways soon. Anyway, overall it was an amazing trip and we learned we have a lot to see and a lot to be grateful for. #Asheville #Charleston #lakeoconee #highwayvagabonds #homesweettrailerpark #globetrotter.”


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