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Morgan Wallen admits not every song he writes is based on his life; a lot of his lyrics are based on things that he’s seen.

Morgan told us of the subject of his song “Silverado For Sale,” in which a man sells his truck to buy a ring for the woman he loves. He said, “Obviously I’m not married I didn’t sell my truck to buy a ring. I’ve still got my truck. But I’ve watched people that I grew up with, a lot of my friends are married and I’ve seen it. I’ve seen people make sacrifices for someone they love and I think that’s beautiful and I thought that story in that song was one of the coolest perspectives I’ve heard, especially about a truck.”

Wallen adds that the song is a bit unusual, as far as songs about trucks go. “It’s another truck song but it’s unique and I reacted to it just based off of what I’ve seen from my friends and family just growing up and coming from a place from where money is not always flowing so I’ve seen sacrifices made for people they love.”

Morgan Wallen - Silverado For Sale (Audio Only)

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