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Right around Christmas, Tim McGraw shared a picture to his socials of himself on a giant ladder putting a star on the family’s huge Christmas tree which stood 20 feet tall and it looked pretty dangerous.

The image caused some people wondered why Tim wouldn’t just hire somebody set up the decorations, especially since he is afraid of heights, but McGraw says he enjoys doing things around the house and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty or breaking a sweat. He offered, “We like doing it. I mean, I like doing it. I think you’ve probably seen pictures of me going to the flower mart and having truckloads of flowers, and having to come home and plant ‘em and doin’ all that stuff. I enjoy it.”

As for decorating the top of the Christmas tree, he admits that climbing the ladder was a little scary, and he jokes, “I think Faith took her foot off the ladder one time just to see it move. That made me a little nervous.”

The couple have people who work for them and help out around their property, but he Tim says, “There’s something about doing things yourself that really gives you some satisfaction.”

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