Wow, talk about a wad of cash!

When sorting through piles of clothes at a thrift store in Oklahoma, employee Andrea Lessing felt a lump wrapped in two sweaters. As she unwrapped the sweaters, she discovered an envelope that contained $42,000 in cash.

According to, she stated,

“My first thought was that it was fake. We’ve seen $5 and $20 donated here and there, but never in my life had I seen that much money.”

Lessing showed her findings to a supervisor who was able to find the original owner of the cash. For doing the right thing in this situation, the owner who mistakenly donated the money rewarded Andrea with $1,000. She is now able to put some of that money towards her daughter’s upcoming birthday festivities.

Check out the video below at Lessing recapping how she discovered the $42,000.

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