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Happy National Let’s Laugh Day!

Lord knows we could all use a lot more laughter in our lives! That being said, I thought about how many country artists are really funny. Their senses of humor shine bright through their song lyrics, social media pages, tv appearances and stage presence.

So, here’s a peek at 5 of country’s funniest.

  • Brad Paisley

Brad is king of the clever, catchy, humorous lyrics, from “Alcohol,” to “Ticks,” and “I’m Still A Guy.” He is also infamous for his stage pranks on his tourmates. One year in particular comes to mind. 2011 when Blake Shelton toured with Brad. Blake was on stage singing “Honey Bee” when one suddenly appeared(thanks to Brad)

Blake Shelton - Honey Bee (Tour Prank) (Time Warner Cable Pavilion 9/25/11 NC) H2O II Tour 2011

Blake Shelton being pranked while singing Honey Bee during the Brad Paisley H2O II: Wetter & Wilder Tour at the Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Cr...


  • Lauren Alaina

The princess of puns is quick with the keyboard! Follow her on Insta and Twitter and you’ll see things like…


Then there’s just Lauren with a camera in her face…

Lauren Alaina Hilariously Breaks Down In Tears Over Tim McGraw Following Her On Twitter

Lauren Alaina is just so shocked! The country singer got candid with Access Hollywood about snagging a spot in the finale of "Dancing With the Stars." Lauren...


  • Luke Bryan

Luke, like Brad, loves a good prank, especially when it involves his family! Whether it’s his wife (who’s even funnier than Luke), his boys or his mom, Luke knows no boundaries in the art of pranking. My favorite involved comedic actress Chelcie Lynn posing as a crazed Luke Bryan fan, and his mother, Leclaire.

Crazy fan attacks Luke Bryan!

Luke Bryan attacked by crazy fan! Prank(Luke and wife Caroline set up his mom for the best prank ever. They inform her that a crazy fan has been trying to ge...


  • Carrie Underwood

She may take her fitness and her career very seriously, but Carrie can really cut it up when the timing is right, whether it’s on stage, or on social media.

Brad Paisley seems to bring out the best funny in Carrie. They’re CMA Awards skits are legendary, and she is the best “straight man” to his goofy guy.


  • Blake Shelton

Is he ever serious? We don’t see that side of him much, if at all. But we’ve come to expect quick wit, one liners and plenty of heckling from Blake over the years. The Voice stage has really brought out the best of him. But he has long been famous for his tweets. Taste of Country did a nice job of putting together some classic Blake humor back in 2015

9 Unforgettable Blake Shelton Moments

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What country stars do you think are funny?

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