Carly Pearce’s current single “Next Girl” has definitely struck a chord with a lot of women. Whether you are the “Next Girl” or have watched a friend become the “Next Girl, you can definitely relate.

When recording the single, she was channeling songs like Patty Loveless’ “Blame It On Your Heart,” from the 90’s. “Next Girl” is all about calling a guy out for being a player and an insincere smooth talker. Although described as a sassy song, Carly believes “Next Girl” is also a heartfelt song. She said, “For me, I’ve had the really heartfelt songs and I’ll always stay true to those. I think this is just another form of being heartfelt, except it’s in a really feel good place. But it says something that I think all girls need to hear.”

Hear more below.

You can check out her music video for the song below.