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Three out of four Americans consider themselves addicted to their phones. The average American checks their phone once every 9 minutes – or 160 times a day! Reviews.org wants to give someone $2,400 to go 24 hours without technology.

The company says they’re “looking for someone who is definitely into tech but willing to challenge themselves.”

According to the challenge website:

Responsibilities and requirements

  • Must be willing to disconnect from all personal technology (emergencies excluded) for 24 hours.
    • No cell phone
    • No television
    • No gaming consoles/handheld gaming devices
    • No computers/laptops
    • No smartwatches or wearable tech
    • No smart home devices (smart speakers, smart vacuums, etc.)
    • We’re not monsters—you can still use a microwave to heat up a TV dinner!

If you’d like more info – or to apply – GET IT AND DO IT RIGHT HERE!! And good luck! You got this!