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Maren Morris speaks her mind online and when she sees an injustice, she calls it out. She shares her political views online as well and it has cost her some fans and followers, but that’s okay with her.

As Morris told us, having her husband Ryan Hurd next to her, is essential. She offered, “It would be very lonely to kind of have this platform and use it the way I do and sometimes even getting criticized for doing so without Ryan by my side. And I know he also has to put up with a lot of the consequences of sometimes me being vocal. But I think that he always takes it on the chin and really supports me.”

She added, “I don’t think I would be able to to feel as confident as I do and convicted as I do without a support system like him at home.”

“I really am a shy personality in real life and not to say that statements I’ve made or tweets or clap backs aren’t me, but it’s different in person. I’m not this “in your face” confrontational entity. I’m I’m very much a listener. I like to investigate.”

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