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When Tim McGraw first heard Tyler Hubbard’s song “Undivided,” it changed his plans for promoting his latest album.

Tim had only released one song from his Here On Earth album, and he already had a second song lined up and ready to release off the album. Then he heard “Undivided.” He recorded it as a single-only release, bumping back plans to release a second single from Here On Earth.

He said, “Sometimes a song like ‘Undivided’ just shows up, and it’s timely and needs to be done in the moment no matter what else is goin’ on. And when Tyler sent this demo to me, I knew that it was a song that we needed to record and put out.”

McGraw explains that he felt the urgency to release “Undivided,” “Because it says so much and means so much, and I hope that this song does to you what it did to me when I first heard it.”

Tim McGraw, Tyler Hubbard - Undivided

Official music video for Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard's "Undivided". Listen to "Undivided": to Tim McGraw's YouTube ...

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