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Blake Shelton’s career started 20 years ago when he released his debut single “Austin,” which was a number one country single.

He shared with us, “People used to ask me when I first got my record deal, ‘What’s you goals, what do you want to do as an artist?’ And I didn’t even know what that question meant. I wanted to be a country singer on the radio and I didn’t even have any plans or goals beyond that.”

Shelton continued, “And then later as I got into the business and had a song or two on the radio, I started realizing how incredible George Strait’s career had been because I had ‘Austin’ which was a big hit and then I had a few songs that flopped and you know came back with ‘Ole Red’ and then ‘The Baby’ was a hit and then we had flops and I realized, ‘Man, making it more than a minute in this business, you’ve done something, you know.”

Blake knows his success is not the norm and he’s quite grateful for it. He said, “And so now, 20 years later to still have a song on the charts , I don’t know how that happens, I don’t and I’m literally the luckiest guy in country music. I have so many of my friends that came out the same time I did and they had incredible careers but they didn’t last this long and I look at ’em as way more talented and better than anything I do and so I know how lucky I have been.”

Blake Shelton - "The Luckiest Guy In Country Music" April 2021

Blake Shelton - "The Luckiest Guy In Country Music" April 2021

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