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Meet Feller Jr. from Oxford, MA

In thinking about the title of the debut release from the artist known as Feller Jr, “Pickup Truck” couldn’t be a bettername of a song to launch this singer/songwriter’s career.

Feller Jr. literally just picked up a musical career. Think of the truck as the vessel that lead him into artistry. This 24 year old fell in love with country music while serving in the army and being stationed just outside Nashville. He says, “It followed me back home.”

It turns out this first venture for Feller Jr was “completely organic.” He relayed, “I didn’t have any plans to really try the artist thing until one day I had my first writing session and this was this was the song that came out!” He always enjoyed listening to music, but it may have actually been his love for karaoke that helped push him to become an artist. In fact, this debut is the first song Feller ever learned.

There’s a sweet, smoky, gravel quality in Feller’s vocals that’ll have you hanging on for the next lyric. “Pickup Truck” is a fun, summer jam that builds intensity and pulls you along for the ride. Buckle up. The road may be a little rough, but that makes the journey all the more interesting.


Jr Jams

You will want to adjust your speaker. Turn this up.

“Pickup Truck” featuring Ford Jacobs



The Feller facts

From: Oxford, Ma

Grew up in: Clarksville, Tennessee

Current single: Pickup Truck

What lead you to music: My overwhelming connection to Southern heritage

How old when you started: 24

First country song you learned: Pickup Truck

Instruments played: Vocals and the instruments of Freedom

How would you describe your sound: The first sip of a cold beer on a Friday night after a hard day’s work.

Who inspires you: Craig Morgan

If you are a band, how did you get your name: I actually am a Jr in my family lineage, and everyone calls me Feller.

Awards/accolades:  Army Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Ribbon, Global War on Terror

Dream duet partner: Jason Aldean, George Strait

All- time favorite country song: “The Father, My Son, And the Holy Ghost” by Craig Morgan, “Blacked Out” by Chris Young, “Parked out by the Lake” by Dean Summerwind

First country concert: Jason Aldean/Kane Brown

What songs do you like now on Country 1025: Anything by Luke Combs, maybe Dan & Shay but they are too handsome for me.

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: Serving my Country

Day Job: Anything where i get to use my hands

Most proud moment: Serving my Country

Other things you like to do: Drink beers, shoot guns, and have one on ones with the Lord

Fun facts: Expert Marksman, built like a tall glass of water, split logs the old fashion way- I don’t buy em.

Mantra: Raise Hell Praise Dale, Say less God bless, Higher the truck closer to Jesus.


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