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A Framingham dog, who has been missing for 5 years, is now “safe and warm” reunited with it’s owner. Bay was reported missing in June of 2016 while her owner was away and she was under the care of a dog sitter.

The dog had been spotted throughout the years since with people in neighborhoods feeding the dog, “It was thought that it was a dog that had an¬†owner and was allowed to roam. Then the dog would go off the grid as they often do.”

According to Missing Dogs Massachusetts Facebook page, “A microchip helped make the final identification. As you can see, her appearance is much different from years ago. Still was wearing her martingale collar that was now embedded in her neck and had to be cut off. No tags any longer. About 9 miles from her home as the crow flies. As you can see, she has not been lacking for meals.”

The dog was trapped 9 miles from her home by MDM and reunited with her owner.

What an wild adventure with a happy ending!

4/6/21 HUGE news to share this morning and also something to give every owner HOPE! Five years in the making! Back in...

Posted by Missing Dogs Massachusetts on Tuesday, April 6, 2021