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White Claw is looking to stay top of mind and on top of the seltzer game with their latest offerings.

First up – they have a new flavor variety pack. (Variety Pack #3) It features 3 new flavors – Strawberry, Pineapple, and Blackberry. I’ve actually already located and tasted this variety pack. My favorite is Blackberry. It’s subtle but has an undertow punch of ripe berry. Pineapple is great too. Pineapple was available in their 80 calorie pack in the past but this pineapple (a full 100 calories) tastes much better in my opinion. I’m a sucker for anything pineapple so I was easily delighted by this one. Strawberry is pretty tasty too – not too much of that artificial flavor and kind of jammy. They come with mango in the variety pack which I know some people love. I’m not some people though and think mango tastes like cat pee. Sorry.

They’re also releasing “White Claw Seltzer Surge.” It’s a higher alcohol-content drink at 8% ABV, a bump up from the 5% offerings. You can find the Surge products in blood orange and cranberry flavors.

Are you ready for another “Summer of White Claw?”