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Boston is still represented in the Top 5  on American Idol.

Berklee College of Music student, Grace Kinstler pushed through last night, following a very vulnerable performance. The perfectionist let go a little, following advice from the judges to show her flaws. Lionel Richie told the finalist, “your flaws are your magic. Your vulnerability comes from the fact that you are in that moment of indecision.”

Guest mentor Chris Martin helped Grace through her indecision of which Coldplay song to perform. In the end, she went with one she was least comfortable with, letting her imperfections shine. She chose the 2005 Colplay hit, “Fix You.”


The Mother’s Day American Idol show also featured the finalists doing songs for their moms. Grace chose Adele’s “When We Were Young.” Lionel Richie told the 20 year old “that performance was perfect.” Judge Katy Perry added, “I know your mother must be so proud of you, but I want to say tonight especially that I am so proud of you.”


Powerhouse vocalist Kinstler seemed right at home performing this one. Take a look

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