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Blake Shelton appeared on The Kelly Clarkson show recently, and she busted The Voice co-star in a lie.

Kelly hosted all of the coaches of The Voice, including Nick Jonas, John Legend, and Shelton. Previously, Clarkson gifted Shelton a “Team Kelly” jacket, a generous gift she gave him for appearing four times on her show. However, it appears he left it behind in the green room. Clarkson confronted Shelton about the mishap.

Kelly said, “Blake was here four times too, and he got a jacket too,” she then pointing to Shelton, saying, “He’s actually a member of the club too, do you wear your jacket all the time?”

Blake replied, “Oh my god, yeah. I feed the chickens in that jacket.”

“That’s so interesting that you wear it, really, so it’s probably dirty,” Clarkson said as Shelton agreed, “Yup.”

Kelly said, “You know what’s interesting is, you know, you left your jacket here in the green room, actually.”

“I did?” Shelton said with a surprised look on his face.

An off-camera person then handed the jacket to Blake, as Clarkson told him, “Oh yeah, we’ve had your jacket here; we’re saving it for you.”

“Oh, I’ve been looking for this,” Shelton joked after being handed the jacket. “I love you so much, Kelly.”

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