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Garth Brooks is looking forward to being one of five honorees, joining actress-choreographer Debbie Allen, folk singer Joan Baez, violinist Midori, and beloved acting legend Dick Van Dyke at The Kennedy Centers Honors taking place on June 6th.

Garth said, “The fact that I get to represent country music – that’s cool…to get to fly the country music flag there. But there are so many heroes and idols that are in there and will be there. Everybody knows my sister was probably the greatest influence on me music-wise. I wanted to be her when I was a kid, ’cause she was always so cool.”

He added, ” And Joan Baez is like [a] major influence for my sister. So, to sit in the same booth with Miss Joan is going to be friggin’ awesome. Dick Van Dyke – I don’t know how you get any cooler than that. So, this is going to be a fun, fun weekend.”

Brooks has been part of the Kennedy Center Honors many times, participating in salutes to such legends as Billy Joel, George Jones, Loretta Lynn, and James Taylor. As a result, he well knows those appearances were a complete surprise to the honorees…meaning he’s about to experience something very similar.

His wife Trisha Yearwood says, “He doesn’t know all the people that are going to be there to honor him. I’m excited about it. Garth and I have been a part of honoring several artists over the years at the Kennedy Center. And it’s amazing because it’s a very diverse group of people…from all different walks of life and entertainment.”

This year’s Kennedy Centers Honors will air as a CBS-TV special Sunday, June 6, showcasing the salutes to all of this year’s honorees.

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