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Have you ever had a job interview where they threw one of those brainteaser questions at you?  This is an extreme example of that.

A woman named Beeta Golshani in Los Angeles just tweeted out a picture of a question she got on an online job interview.

The question is, “You’ve been given an elephant.  You can’t give it away or sell it.  What would you do with the elephant?”

Her tweet is going viral now and people are throwing in their own ideas. But it looks like we have an answer!

Are you ready? Here is the answer:  “Open a business where you hire the elephant out for events.”

But I like some of the other people’s ideas more, like:  “Unfortunately I can no longer work here, raising this elephant is my full-time job.  We are going to travel from town to town solving mysteries” or “Give me the job or my elephant will sit on your car.”