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The guys in country music like to poke fun at each other whenever they can and Jason Aldean is the latest star to poke fun at his fellow male country stars.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jason, who has his brand of bourbon called Wolf Moon Bourbon, said of his buddies Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton, who also have alcohol brands, “Blake’s stuff tastes terrible, Luke’s, it’s awful.”

Aldean then joked of his Bourbon, “Now this is pretty good right here, you guys!”

Jason also addressed the ongoing rumors that his wife Brittany would be joining the cast of a possible Real Housewives of Nashville. He said, “Obviously, we’ve been approached about multiple things in the past like that and, you know, even before that show. And I think for us, you kind of look at a lot of reality TV and it’s good for the viewer because it’s a lot of drama and things like that.”

Aldean added, “But, you know when it’s your household, you don’t really want to be a part of that stuff.”

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