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Dogs can usually tell you how they’re feeling with a tail wag or growl, but Shortcake has her own way of showing you just how happy she is.

This pup smiles pretty much all the time, even when she’s sleeping or forced to go on walks. Her expression is too cute not to fall in love with!

“Sometimes, when she looks at you, it’s almost these like cartoon type eyes,” says her owner Amy.

Shortcake was found alone in Fresno, California with severe mange as well as a hernia according to Good Morning America. She was taken to a shelter, then transferred to Fresno Bully Rescue to heal. Amy saw Shortcake in a video and once they met in person she knew she had to adopt her.

It’s clear how thankful this dog is to have a forever home. Watch the full video below!


Meet Shortcake -- the happiest dog ever

Meet Shortcake -- the happiest dog ever!

Posted by Good Morning America on Monday, May 3, 2021