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Mystery Flavors are all the rage right now. Sour Patch Kids has one out there right now – I’ve tasted it and am guessing Pina Colada??

Well Pop Tarts is getting in the Mystery Flavor mix too. When you think of Pop Tarts you think of shockingly sweet – strawberry with sugary white frosting, S’Mores, blue raspberry, you get the idea…

Well looking at the ingredients list on the Mister E Flavor (see what they did there?) Pop Tart is a little shocking: garlic and onion powders have been spotted. Could this be a savory Pop Tart meant to surprise you and trick you under the guise of the “mystery flavor?” Snack food Instagram page @candyhunting tasted the mystery flavor and confirms that the flavor is an “umami bomb” and they’re not too favorable about the taste…. at all. And from what they describe, I’m guessing the mystery flavor is “Cheesy Garlic Bread” but @candyhunting says that signature Pop Tart sweetness is mixed in as well which… seems…….. weird.

Here’s what they had to say:

Are you going to try it?? Shamefully, I probably will….