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Right around the time Blake Shelton became a country superstar in 2012, his touring life and his TV show life (The Voice), were starting to take their toll.

As a big star in country music, the touring gets intense. He recently told Apple, “I was touring full time, or as much as I could, and it became too much, it was too much for me personally. I mean, there was never a day off, it was just crazy, and I started resenting touring a little bit. I was like, ‘Oh my God, what is the point, what are we doing? I’m not enjoying it anymore.'”

In 2013, Blake decided to scale back his days on the road down to 25 shows a year. Blake offered, “That’s obviously not very many for any artist that is trying to maintain that touring profile. But what it has done is, it’s kept me so excited about when I go on stage now it’s like, ‘Hey, we get to go be country stars this month.’ And it’s so exciting, and it’s something that I look forward to, I really do.”

Shelton hits the road again on his “Friends and Heroes” Tour on August 18. The tour plays 16 dates.

Blake Shelton