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Garth Brooks will be stepping on stage in less than a month on his stadium tour, which was shut down in 2020 due To COVID.

Many things will be different as he goes back out on tour due to precautions with the tour and the fact that everyone will be vaccinated, but one thing will remain the same: the ticket prices.

Talking to Billboard about getting back on the road, Garth was asked why he chooses to keep his ticket prices at $95 even though he is likely to incur extra costs.

Garth responded, “I guess this has just never been my way of thinking. You’re either going to make an absurd amount of money or you’re going to make a lesser absurd amount of money — but I can’t imagine raising the ticket prices to make sure you keep making the absurd amount of money.”

He adds, “My thing is if we make 100% of each ticket — and because of the COVID regulations and restrictions that we have to put in and pay for, we make 95% — I’m more than OK with that.”

Brooks plays his first stadium date at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium on July 10.

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