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“It Feels Good” (Cat Edition!)

If you’ve ever owned a cat you know that they hate water, they always land on their legs if they jump, and they have 9 lives.

Today’s cat story takes place in Cassville, Wisconsin. A teenager named Laura Walker thought she saw a man throw a rock into the Mississippi river. But it wasn’t a rock. A 19 year old kid had thrown a baby kitten in the water.

Laura dropped her fishing rod and ran into the water. She spotted the kitten swimming towards her and scooped him up. Franticly she found her mom and told her what happened. Within minutes they had the kitten wrapped up in a towel.

But it wasn’t until they brought him home that they noticed that the kittens hind legs were fractured. After a visit to the vet, they learned that he was not paralyzed and now he can walk on his toes instead of dragging his legs behind him.

They decided to keep him forever and name him “FINN”

Kitten survives being tossed into the Mississippi River

CASSVILLE (WKOW) -- While fishing on the night of July 5th, Laura Walker caught something quite unexpected. "I was fishing and there was a man that I thought at first he threw a rock in the water," Walker said. "I turned around and there was a little kitten swimming at me.

The police department has made an arrest of the person who did this, but for Fin, he’s MUCH happier with a family who loves him.

And they have a facebook page with a ton of videos of the cute kitten. “For the love of Finn