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Chris Lane and his wife Lauren spent a scary night in a Nashville hospital after their infant baby Dutton showed signs of sickness.

The baby was checked and sent home after a short time and is recovering nicely, according to the new parents.

Chris said on a video he posted on his Insta stories, “It’s been a night in the hospital… poor guy.”

He wrote on the post, “Spent the night at the hospital. If you pray, Dutty Buddy needs some prayers!”

Lauren posted to her Insta story a picture of the baby later saying, “Home and resting. “Thanks, everyone for the prayers – hopefully, we keep resting and getting better.”

Before that, she posted about breastfeeding the new baby. She wrote, “Part of me didn’t want to share this photo because it isn’t a realistic representation of what breastfeeding has been like for me. It’s been hard and honestly painful at times and quite the opposite of glamorous. With the help of a lactation consultant, we’ve somewhat corrected this little snapping turtles latch and are making so much progress, but I still worry if he’s getting enough if my body is doing its job, and often wonder ‘why isn’t today going as well as yesterday, is it my fault?’”

She added, “I didn’t know Chris was taking this photo, and although it’s not necessarily representative of our reality for the first two weeks, I want to frame it and keep it forever because even though the pain and frustration I can’t help but smile watching you. I have cherished this special time with you sweet Dutton, and I am incredibly thankful for a healthy, growing baby 💙 any moms please comment on pumping/breastfeeding tips pls and thank u!”

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