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Blake Shelton and Dierks Bentley sat down with Access Hollywood for an interview about Dierks being an advisor to Blake’s team on The Voice, and the subject turned to wedding invites. 

Asked about their long friendship, Dierks quipped, “Friendship? I wouldn’t call it that,” and Blake reacted jokingly, “Are we finally starting it now?” “We might be starting it right now,” Bentley agreed. “We’ll see if he gives me his phone number. I wasn’t invited to the wedding, so I wouldn’t call it a friendship.” 

Shelton assured him, “Yes you were,” Shelton assured him, adding that the invitation is “on its way.” Bentley responded, “What are you guys gonna do, a repeat? A reunion tour?”

“No, but you were invited,” Shelton reiterated as Bentley said, “I’m invited to the public wedding.” “Yeah, we’re gonna do a viewing,” Shelton joked as Bentley laughed, then added, “Friendship might be starting right now. It’s never too late to make lifelong friends.”

Season 21 of The Voice will premiere on September 20. 

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