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Garth Brooks is bringing back his “Dive Bar Tour” as he crosses the country on his stadium tour this summer. Garth, who played Lincoln, Nebraska over the weekend, said, “I’m lucky enough to be simultaneously running a Stadium Tour and a Dive Bar Tour.”

He added that the bar stops will require something the stadium dates will not. “What’s great about the dive bars is you can verify vaccines. 900 people – they’ve all got their cards. That’s how they get their tickets, through their local country radio station – nothing’s for sale. So, dive bars… love those. [They’re] very much alive and well.”

Brooks did say that Lincoln may have set a personal record for him. He offered, “Lincoln’s going to take the cake on the singing thing. Guys – I have never heard ‘Friends in Low Places’ sang that loud. I swear every person in this stadium – every voice – was singing ‘Friends in Low Places.’ I’d never heard it that loud.”

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