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Garth Brooks made the first concert for a young girl in Kansas City pretty special when he stopped the show while reading the sign she held up sitting on her father’s shoulders.

The sign read, “Garth… It’s our 1st concert.” After seeing the fan wearing a purple shirt with his name on it and holding a homemade sign, Brooks talked to her before making her first concert one she will never forget.

Brooks said, “This is your first concert? Really? We should sign something really nice. What has a ‘G’ on it that I’m thinking of?” Brooks, referencing his signature acoustic guitar, then unstraps his guitar and signs it, personalizing his autograph with the young fan and her sister’s names.

He said, “Your name starts with ‘G,’ my name starts with ‘G.’ Let me see that sign again, Giada and Giules.”

Brooks then gave the signed guitar to Giada and her father, who were in shock as he handed it to them.

Garth added, “I love you guys, enjoy your first show.”

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