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Garth Brooks said he was “heartbroken” over having to postpone the Nashville stadium show on Saturday (7/31) due to storms.

Garth said on Studio G Monday (8/1), “There is a rescheduled date that we’re working with, but we can’t confirm it yet – we’ve gotta line it up with our stuff.”

He added, “Heartbroken, that’s a good word for it. They say that character is not created in crisis – it is displayed in crisis. Or it is revealed. The one thing that I will brag about against anybody is the Garth crowd. ‘G City.’ Those people? Friggin’ amazing.”

Brooks also thanked those who got people out of danger, saying, “My hat’s off to the Titan organization…to Nashville…the EMTs, all the first responders, the firemen, the police…everything, and…the people that sat in those seats – they were so, so, so sweet.”


It’s a party no matter what. Thank you for being YOU! love, g #StudioG

Posted by Garth Brooks on Monday, August 2, 2021

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