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Garth Brooks is re-thinking some of his upcoming stadium tour dates because of a surge in COVID cases all over the country. He has postponed Friday’s (8/6) on-sale date for his September 4 Seattle concert.

He will continue his August 7 Kansas City, and August 14 Lincoln, Nebraska shows as previously scheduled.

Garth said in a press release, “It breaks my heart to see city after city go on sale and then have to ask those sweet people and the venues to reschedule. We have a three-week window coming up where we, as a group, will assess the remainder of the stadium tour this year. It’s humbling to see people put this much faith in you as an artist, and it kills me to think I am letting them down.”

Brooks’ Saturday (7/31) concert in Nashville was postponed due to area thunderstorms. On Monday’s Inside Studio G, he said, “There is a rescheduled date that we’re working with, but we can’t confirm it yet,” he said. “We’ve gotta line it up with our stuff.”

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