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Scotty McCreery at Fenway 2013

“Damn Strait” went straight to Scotty McCreery’s heart, the first time he heard it. It’s a tribute to country music icon, and one of Scotty’s heroes, George Straight.

McCreery’s first concert was George Strait. The 10th season winner of American Idol told EverythingNash,  “For me, when I heard a song like ‘Damn Strait,’ I immediately raised my hand and said ‘me, me, me.’ It’s such a cool song, cleverly written and obviously I’m a massive George Strait fan, and so it just sounded so much like me.”


Check out some of the lyrics:

“Damn Strait you’re killing me man / you know I’ve always been your biggest fan / now I can’t even listen ’cause I’ll get to missing her / then the hurt gets worse/ Damn Strait I used to love your songs / but now every time that one comes on / my heart gets broke in half / but do I wish I could get her back / Damn Strait.”

Although the song has not been released yet, Scotty has been performing it at his live shows, and it’s become a fan favorite. You will find it on his upcoming album, Same Truck, set for release September 17.

Watch Scotty McCreery performing it live at his upcoming South Shore Music Circus show, September 10 in Cohasset. Tickets available HERE! He will also be performing at the Cape Cod Melody Tent, September 11.

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