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There is nothing better on a crisp fall afternoon than some apple cider donuts!

A Cambridge man, who developed a true appreciation for cider donuts during the pandemic, has now made it his mission.

Alex Schwartz, known as the “Cider Donuteur” on Instagram is that man on a mission.  In fact, his Instagram profile describes the donut enthusiast as, “Just a plaid-wearing autumn man documenting his life-long mission to try every cider donut.”

Alex has even created a map for fellow cider- donut- appreciators to follow.

In 2020, Schwartz declared Russell Orchards in Ipswich the winner. He said, “Russell Orchards, in my mind, was the best doughnut I had last year, plus the best experience. “You could spend a whole beautiful day there. It’s gorgeous. They’re pumping out those doughnuts at an incredible clip, and they’re all so fantastic.”

He’s just begun his quest for the best 2021. And is looking forward to the sweet journey.



Cider Donut New England Map - Google My Maps

Farm stores that make their own cider donuts in New England!! My donut reviews:

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