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This list (compiled by the website LawnStarter) ranked the top US cities for country music fans, based on things like the number of country concerts in the city, the number of performance venues, and the size of the local fandom based on Google search trends. And here are the results, my fellow country fans!:

#1 was a gimme – Nashville, TN. Can’t fight that. The rest of the list? Well get your fightin’ gloves on!

2.  Las Vegas, Nevada

3.  St. Louis, Missouri.

4.  Salt Lake City, Utah.

5.  Grand Rapids, Michigan.

6.  Knoxville, Tennessee.

7.  Tulsa, Oklahoma.

8.  Birmingham, Alabama.

9.  Atlanta, Georgia.

10.  Denver, Colorado.

New England isn’t represented on the list until all the way down at #55 where Springfield, MA has set up shop.

Boston, MA is a little further down at #74. Uggghhhh, what?!? Have they ever BEEN to a Country 102.5 Street Party? I’m guessing no.

Just know that WE love you… and appreciate the heck out of you. Even if LawnStarter doesn’t.