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ABC’s Dancing With The Stars is a competition show featuring celebrities from all walks of life trying to learn ballroom dances. The fun is in watching complete amateurs, like ourselves, try to look like pro dancers. But it never seems to be that way, certain athletes and singers who use have choreographed dance experience are not complete amateurs. It must be hard to judge, considering some clearly have an advantage.

Country star Jimmie Allen may move on stage when he is performing live, but it’s completely free form. A couple of the judges on DWTS may have been a little harsh last night, when rating his performance. For the average guy, I think he did a great job with his salsa. I mean, I certainly couldn’t have come close to being that good.

Take a look for yourself.


Carrie Ann Inaba’s comments, following Jimmie’s pretty in pink salsa, were, “Now, as far as the dance goes, I don’t know what you’re doing with your fists. You got a little wonky fist going on, and it distracted me the whole dance because it didn’t look like you were strong. It kind of looked like you were shrinking in.”

The studio crowd was not happy. They made their voices heard, following the comments, with boos.

The resident curmudgeon Len Goodman chimed in, “ Sometimes your steps were a little bit big, which you could’ve done them slightly smaller and given yourself slightly stronger hip action. The lifts… the last lift, I didn’t think was in character with the dance, and the other ones were a little bit dodgy…”

Cue the audience boos.

Bruno, the resident ray of sunshine, disagreed with the other judges, saying “They must have been watching another show, don’t you worry because I thought when you let loose it all flows beautifully. The rhythm, the hips, it was going brilliantly. So listen to reason and listen to me. That was good.”

The judges Carrie and Len gave Jimmie a 6 for a score. Bruno was much more generous giving Allen his “Best Shot” with an 8. Final score: 20 out of 30.


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