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Garth Brooks played his first “Dive Bar” show of the Fall last night (10/11) in Oklahoma City, for 700 lucky contest winners.

Garth even took requests as he played his many hits and a few covers including Billy Joel’s “Piano Man,” George Strait’s “The Troubadour,” Don McLean’s “American Pie,” and The Dirt Band’s “Fishin’ in the Dark.”

His Facebook went live and showed him and his band pre-show and his first song on stage.

Brooks was live again on Facebook after the show as well as he was driven away from the show. He said, “Holy cow! I want every night – stadium, arena, dive bar – to go that way. I felt like George Strait tonight.”

He added later, “Everybody here knows me. Everybody here knows I’m just a regular guy – somebody that’s just full of mistakes just tryin’ to get by. And you can’t think of anybody – no offense to everybody else around the planet – that you want to mean more to than the people from where you’re from, you know? So… Oklahoma – I love you. Thank you.”

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