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Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline sat down with Jay Cutler on his Uncut podcast and shared some tidbits about her and Luke’s marriage recently. Caroline even talked about her husband being sought after by other women.

Caroline said, “Luke’s ass and his ass-shaking has made us a lot of money, so I’m not gonna… I’m not worried about it. It comes with the territory. I knew that girls — you know, as long as they’re respectful, then whatever.”

She also talked about how she supported Luke when he was working hard to make it in Nashville. Caroline shared, “I was a drug rep, in Georgia. Oh my gosh, I’ve sold so many drugs. The best one is that I sold Cialis, and that is the easiest drug to ever [sell.]”

Cialis is a medication often used to treat erectile dysfunction. She offered, “I made a lot of money off that.”

Caroline added that she kept that job until the couple’s now-teenage son Bo was just a little baby, saying, “I paid the bills for a while because Luke wasn’t making money.”

Caroline also told Cutler that she never doubted that her husband was going to be successful in Nashville. She said, “I never doubted him once. He doubted himself sometimes. He’s Luke! I knew that he could do it.”

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