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It wasn’t too long ago that Eric Church had to do a couple of shows in Pennsylvania as a solo acoustic act, as some of his touring crew had COVID.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Eric has been right on top of testing for COVID on the road with the help of COVID sniffing dogs.

Church’s tour manager Todd Bunch, told the journal that it has “probably saved the tour.”

The dogs are from Bio Detection K9, a company that provides dogs trained to sniff out COVID cases, and evidence has shown that they’re more accurate than even rapid tests.

The dogs, named Alex and Timmy, cost about $8,000 for a two-show weekend but represent a quicker, more cost-effective alternative to regular testing.

The same sort of dogs has been used by NASCAR at races to screen essential personnel as they enter the garage area.

The company that leases the dogs says that this is their first concert tour, but after seeing it work for Church and his crew, other tours are beginning to show interest in the furry COVID detectors.

Eric does encourage getting the vaccine but does not require it of his band and crew and his fans at shows.

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