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Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany pretended that she spent $11,000 on a purse and shared her husband’s reaction on her Instagram.

In the video Brittany posted, you see Jason sitting on the couple’s couch with his head in his phone while a message is playing from someone at the Gucci store telling them that Brittany’s $11,000 purse is ready for pick up. Jason raises his eyebrows when the amount is mentioned. He then seems to approve with a slight smile.

Brittany captioned the video, “He was about to kill me🤣🤣.”

See that post HERE.

As it turns out, Brittany didn’t actually buy the purse. It’s a trick that lots of people are doing on Tiktok, where people use a fake voicemail message to pretend that they bought a purse that cost eleven grand. See the video below.

Jason Aldean