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Miranda Lambert and her nonprofit, MuttNation Foundation, are showing support for the brave military service dogs that have risked their lives alongside our heroic soldiers on this Veteran’s Day (11/11).

Miranda said in a press release, “I’ve always known that service dogs – especially military dogs – are extraordinary animals. When I heard Lucca’s story, I knew MuttNation should be involved.”

She added, “I met Master Sergeant Chris Willingham, who is now President of US War Dogs Association, and the whole experience was something I couldn’t – and didn’t want to forget. More importantly, I knew MuttNation could help.”

Lucca, a highly decorated, trained military service dog served six years with tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. When a leg amputation was required after she was severely injured by an IED, Lucca was reunited with her original handler, Retired Master Sergeant Chris Willingham, where she lived the rest of her life in a caring, loving home.

Lucca was posthumously honored at the 2021 Cowgirl Hall of Fame just a few weeks ago when Miranda and four other outstanding and accomplished women were inducted.

See Lucca’s story here.

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