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Forecasters are warning that a “significant storm” and “strong cold front” could hit the northeast and midwest next week, complicating holiday travel plans.

Gusty winds and dropping temperatures are predicted for much of the northeast on Monday and Tuesday and from there we may see soaking rains, lake-effect snow in some areas – just regular ol’ snow in others (possibly heavy), basically just a big sloppy wet mess. Meteorologists are calling it a possible monkey wrench in holiday travel plans with the remnants of the possible storm lasting into the day before Thanksgiving, one of the biggest travel days of the year.

54 million Americans are expected to travel this Thanksgiving so be safe and keep an eye on the updating forecast as we approach Turkey Day.

UPDATE: I just called our good friend Kevin Lemanowicz from Boston 25 News to check on this and he says not to be too worried. While this info is going around the internet right now he says “it looks like a cold front coming through with some gusty rain showers” for us and not much else. So phew! for now.