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Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren welcomed their newest daughter, Lillie Carolina, into the world on November 15th. Four young kids sounds like a lot of work, but Thomas says he’s not worried.

Rhett told us, “You know, I think after having three kids, I don’t feel like me and Lauren could be shocked anymore. I do know that four is a lot, but we’re already kind of in the chaos phase with young kids – one in kindergarten, one in preschool, one still in diapers, and then an infant.”

He added, “We’re just gonna have to re-learn how to prioritize our time. And I do know that it’s going to be stressful but, you know, we’ve always wanted a big family.”

Thomas posted a photo of his two oldest daughters Willa Gray and Ada James, along with his wife at a Christmas Tree lot over the weekend on Twitter. He wrote, “Favorite time of the year.”

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