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Meet Sabrina Ponte from North Reading

Sabrina Ponte may seem like she was born to be on stage; Her beauty, personality, energy and talent have all certainly been a part of her successes.  But those gifts alone don’t open doors. Ponte works hard to get the opportunities that open doors to the spotlight on stage. Whether it’s modeling, writing songs, working on her graduate degree, entering pageants, or interviewing other artists, Ponte puts in the blood, sweat and time.

The Berklee College of Music grad now calls Nashville home. There, she competes in talent contests, beauty pageants, works on her music and models. Sabrina shines bright in the spotlight; polished, poised,  and seemingly comfortable and confident. That vibe comes across in her music, which celebrates elements of pop, country and rock.

It’s exciting to watch the doors open and the light shine on this former Bruins ice girl.


Sabrina’s Sings

“Black Roses,” according to Sabrina, is “an edgy breakup song I think a lot of people will be able to connect with. I actually had the melody and lyric for ‘All you gave me were black roses’ in my head, then just sat down and wrote it out one day in quarantine. I loved being able to walk the line with sound on this song. It doesn’t fit in just one specific genre and I love that. It has a message that allows people to listen to it and be whatever it is they need it to be for them, whether that is healing or a song to belt out to, it evokes feeling.”



And just in time for Christmas… Here’s Sabrina’s version of “Last Christmas.”


Ponte On Point

  • From: North Reading, MA
  • Grew up in: North Reading, MA
  • Now lives in: Nashville, TN
  • Current single: Black Roses
  • What lead you to music: I grew up singing in my church choir, performing in the theater, and at the age of ten joined The Young Opera Company of New England, so music became a big part of my life early on. I then continued my classical training at The New England Conservatory of Music graduating from their preparatory school which I attended for years on the weekends throughout high school. From there I graduated from Berklee College of Music and have been continuing to pursue my dreams as an artist.
  • How old when you started: I joined the choir at age 5 and released my first single, “U-Turn”, the summer of my college graduation.
  • First country song you learned: Martina McBride’s “Broken Wing,” to this day her Greatest Hits album is one of my favorites.
  • Instruments played: In addition to being a vocalist, I can play piano and plan on teaching myself guitar this year.
  • How would you describe your sound: My sound is very reflective of my diverse musical background. I enjoy keeping it interesting by experimenting with it in both the writing process and in the studio. The more I allow myself to be open, the more space to create and expand.
  • Who inspires you: I find other artists inspiring, whether they are just starting out or already had some #1s. The music industry does not lay out one straight road for artists so hearing others stories on how they persevered I find motivating.
  • Awards/accolades: This last summer I won best talent by singing the Italian aria “O Mio Babbino Caro” my first year competing at Miss Tennessee. I also was the 2016 New England’s Got Talent first place recipient.
  • Dream duet partner: For country-pop artists I think it would be exciting to do a song with Jason Aldean or Kane Brown! I most recently saw the talented Andrea Bocelli in concert though and would love to perform a duet with him.
  • All- time favorite country song: “Wide Open Spaces” by The Chicks has always been up there for me.
  • First country concert: Taylor Swift; she puts on a great show!
  • What songs do you like now on Country 1025: Everything! I love how this station incorporates new country but also will still play older hits. Some recent ones I heard and love are “Buy Dirt,” “One of Them Girls,” and “If I was a Cowboy.”
  • If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: I would still be working in the entertainment industry or with vocalists, I love it too much! I am actually in graduate school for Speech Language Pathology so I will be able to work with singers with voice disorders and help them find their healthiest voice.
  • Day Job: I also am a signed model and have been for the last 6 years.
  • Most proud moment: I recently got my first billboard in Times Square and seeing it for the first time really felt like a dream come true. I really look at myself as a storyteller, whether it is singing, writing, acting or modeling I am still trying to tell a story, it is just being recorded in different ways.
  • Crazy thing that happened in your music career: I got to interview Lady A at Country Cares in Memphis which was an amazing experience.
  • Other things you like to do: I love working out and volunteering.
  • Fun facts: I was Miss Boston, I was a Boston Bruins Ice Girl, and hosted on NESN.
  • Mantra: Always believe in yourself and the difference you can make.
  • UPCOMING DATES: I will be releasing my next single “Sober” this Spring and can not wait to share it with you all!


Sabrina On Social


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