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Garth Brooks recently announced that he would be playing several shows in Ireland in the Fall of 2022, and his fans in Dublin have been gobbling up tickets fast; Brooks shows have already sold 400,000 tickets.

Garth said announcing the shows during Thanksgiving week, “For anybody that remembers the Croke Park stuff on TV…that place was under construction. You were [only] seeing half of it! This thing is larger than you can imagine! Three NFL football fields just on the pitch alone.”

Garth last played Dublin’s Croke Park in May 1997. He recalled, “I’m tellin’ ya… to stand in Ireland and to hear those people sing – it’s the greatest sound you’ll ever hear. It must be what the angels sound like.”

After learning of the big tickets sales, Garth posted to Twitter, “IRELAND!!!!! Just waking up to the news!!!! Unbelievable !!!!! All my love to you!!! love, g #GarthInIreland.”

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