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As we previously reported, Carly Pearce made Kelly Clarkson cry when she performed her song “29” about her marriage and quick divorce from Michael Ray on The Voice earlier this month on Carly’s first performance on the NBC show.

Pearce discussed what happened off-camera in a recent interview. “Afterwards she got off-stage and walked over to me and hugged me and was just like, ‘Thank you for that.’ And she was like, ‘We need to talk.'”

She added, “And I just… I really appreciated that and felt like she and I knew what the other one felt. And that was a powerful thing that I haven’t quite been able to feel with somebody else that’s experienced it in the public.”

The lyrics for “29” read in part, “The year that I got married and divorced / Held on for dear life, but I still fell off the horse / From a Miss to Mrs. / Then the other way around / The year I was goin’ live it up/ Now I’m never going to live it down.”