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Well all is right again in the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Universe. Yesterday we shared this clip of contestant Charlene Rubush who lost the bonus round of Tuesday’s episode of ‘Wheel’ on a technicality which most people didn’t realize is a show technicality.

You had MANY reactions to this clip when we posted it on our Facebook page:

“she should have won the car she repeated the whole phrase and then chose her last word. I hope wheel makes it right”

“Yes, she was robbed! I watched it in real time and she began the phrase, paused, then finished the last word. Unless there is an exact time frame that they count in actual seconds of how long of a pause is allowed and how long is too long then she should have won!”

“Since when is that a rule??!! She said it before the time was up!!”

We have gotten over 125 passionate responses since posting the clip yesterday.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ didn’t make it right…. but…….. Audi (the car she lost) DID:

Dear Audi,