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As I type this we are 10 days from Christmas. Even if you hate snow you’ve got to want a white Christmas, am I right Bing Crosby?? Soooo… are we gonna get one?

I’ve been bugging Kevin Lemanowicz (chief meteorologist of Boston 25) for a definitive answer and today we got a glimmer of hope in his answer. “Well here’s the thing it’s not looking great for that just because of the milder temperatures,” says Lemanowicz, “but there may be some snow coming Saturday (12/18) and that would have to stick around until Christmas it looks like for us to have a White Christmas.”

So is it likely? No. But is it possible? Yes. I personally will be shoveling some snow directly into my freezer this Saturday to spread on my yard Christmas morning. I realize it’s a little unorthodox but at least I’ll have a White Christmas…. on a square foot of my yard.