Bad news for those who are notoriously late… Zoom is now going to snitch on you.

Zoom has announced a new feature called “Attendance Status,” which helps hosts track whether meeting participants have joined the meeting and who arrived late. People who have been invited to the meeting, but who have not yet joined, will show up under a new “Not Joined” section in the Participants panel. It will also show their response to the Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar invite: accepted, decline, maybe, or no response. The host will have the option to either click “Ask to join,” which will call the missing people into the meeting, or choose “Chat,” which will message them through Zoom chat.

Certain limitations for this new tool do exist: it won’t work for recurring meetings, and it will only work for meetings that were scheduled after the tool has been rolled out. Plus, it will only work for meetings with a maximum of 200 attendees.

The feature is currently in beta testing. In addition to the “Attendance Status” feature, there are also plenty of other updates coming soon. See the full blog post from Zoom here.