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Garth Brooks spent a good chunk of the last few days watching people take the field in huge stadiums surrounded by tens of thousands of people in the NFL playoffs. Garth said in Studio G, “What a great weekend for football! Those might’ve been four of the greatest games. You never knew what was going to go down till the very last second. That’s true… true football.”

He added, “Just gladiators going at it. That was cool. The games were amazing.”

Brooks also noted that a friend from one of his favorite teams recently played what’s expected to be the last time. Garth said, “This is not only for one of the greatest players ever to play the game. This is for one of the greatest human beings I’ve ever been around, especially for kids – all his work for children. Big salute to Big Ben [Rothlisberger, who’s expected to officially announce his retirement].”

As for his stadium tour in 2022, Garth said he’s pumped to be heading for one of the NFL’s most famous fields, Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, in May. He said, “This is the first one we’re announcing. We have three of the five we canceled back so far. So we’re extremely excited.”

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