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This looks like it’s gonna be a big one. I texted with Kevin Lemanowicz from Boston 25 earlier today and he confirmed that while not probable (at the time of our texting) it is possible that this weekend’s snowstorm could dump 3 feet on Boston, something he says hasn’t been recorded since the 1800’s.

Between the snow, the winds and the waves, with moderately-high astronomical tides, the upcoming storm is a directly threat to the coastline. And the town of Scituate is issuing warnings to it’s coastal residents. Emergency management officials put out an advisory intended for Scituate coastal residents to board up windows and doors and even consider evacuating their homes and rather stay at a hotel or a friend or family’s house during the storm.

Officials advise residents who are going to evacuate to do so by 6 am on Saturday, before high tide.

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